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"The future of metal belongs to bands who successfully engage in a fusion of styles . . . and moving through the album is like a road trip through a changing landscape.  There’s impressive talent at every station — dexterous, inventive, multi-faceted, and capable of flying.  They join together the weight and power of near-brutal death metal, the blistering fury of full-throttle thrash, the dark eviscerating buzz of black metal guitar, bursts of almost prog-metal soloing, and catchy melodies."

 - No Clean Singing "Miscellany" #34

"The Science of Self-Defeat is, without a doubt, like a book waiting to be understood, not only read and it pretty much has it all - amazing guitar riffs, fast and almost inhuman drums, well thought growls and most of all - a concept.  All songs are aggressive, raw, fierce, energetic and leave you begging for more."  [9/10]

- Metal Believe

"The Science of Self-Defeat is a fine example of death/thrash metal and I urge the fans of this sound to check it out, because such gems shouldn't remain hidden!"  [8.5/10]

- Behind the Veil

The new album, available now on CD on Sleaszy Rider Records, and for digital download from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and more!

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